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Oct 11, 2023

Kitchen Gear & Coffee Awards 2022: Good Housekeeping's Top Picks

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. The best kitchen gear and

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

The best kitchen gear and coffee items you can buy right now, according to Lab tests.

For our second annual Kitchen Gear Awards, we’ve added a new breakout category: coffee! From espresso makers and kettles to beans and no-brew, these winners will have you buzzing. And our picks for the best kitchen innovations and multiuse machines will have you eager for an upgrade.

Our Kitchen Appliance Lab analysts and Test Kitchen editors spent months testing more than 200 product submissions. Each product was tested in our Kitchen Appliances Lab in addition to being sent to a handful of consumers so real-life users could try the items in their own kitchens. Products were evaluated on the following criteria:

To test coffee, we teamed up with Kaleena Teoh, cofounder and director of education at Coffee Project New York, to help us taste and evaluate coffee the ways the pros do. This way, we could assess the quality of the coffee, including its consistency and any potential imperfections that could be a sign of defect, as well as better identify tasting notes with the assistance of someone who has been tasting coffee professionally for years. Here are the steps pros take to test coffee:

Once we acquired all our Lab data, we compared it with the more than 750 surveys we received. As hard as it was to choose the winners, the following products stand out for being innovative, top-performing, easy to use and worth trying.

AWARD CATEGORIESKitchen Gear Awards: Innovative Standouts | Multifunctional Whizzes | Outdoor Entertainment Coffee Awards: Brewing Buddies | Coffee Companions

This little gadget has a tiny but sharp exposed ceramic blade that’s safe to touch, yet can cut through tape on the biggest boxes as well as pesky clamshell packaging. It’s magnetic, so you can store it on your fridge, and it has a hole for your key chain.

LAB RESULTS: This time and headache-saving tool has become a go-to in the Kitchen Appliances Lab, and every at-home tester gaveit high marks. One used it on just about everything, and another said it was quicker than using scissors.

Knife block sets are often bulky and filled with extra knives, but not this one. The block is sleek, and we found all its items to be useful, from the chef’s knife and the Santoku knife to the serrated utility knife and the steak knives.

LAB RESULTS: Of all the knives submitted, these earned the highest overall scores in our tester surveys assessing how well they cut various ingredients, their ergonomics and more. All testers said they would continue using them.

Slice, shred, chop and puree with this 9-cup food processor, which can clean its work bowl itself with the addition of soap, water and an included cleaning disc. After drying, all parts can be stored inside the work bowl, another uncommon feature.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst and testers thought the cleaning function on this food processor was innovative. “It got every nook and cranny,” one said after shredding carrots.

We often recommend freezing extra herbs packed in oil in ice cube trays and freezing stock in measured containers to avoid having any go to waste. Plus, this makes for for great flavor boosters to have on hand. These Souper Cubes, which come in an array of sizes, from two tablespoons to two cups, are perfect for just that!

LAB RESULTS: These have become a mainstay in one our Lab analysts’ kitchens. Frozen ingredients pop out easily, and they’re simple to clean–hello, dishwasher safe! They scored among the highest of all products in our consumer surveys for performance and ease of use, and everyone said they’d continue to use them.

This bakeware set is made of die-cast aluminum, which means it’s designed to last a long time. Each piece is sturdy but still lightweight with handles for easier handling in and out of the oven. They’re coated in ceramic nonstick and can withstand temperatures up to 600ºF.

LAB RESULTS: Each of these pieces proved to be excellent for use in the oven with savory foods. They get hot and allow for deep browning. Our favorite part is the cleanup — caramelized tomatoes and eggplant pieces wiped right off without sticking or staining.

Dutch ovens are typically heavy, but this six-quart model is ceramic and weighs only seven and a half pounds — that’s about 35% lighter than similar products from competitors. It also has a light-colored interior that allows you to keep a good eye on browning and avoid scorching more easily than with a dark interior.

LAB RESULTS: Every judge who picked up this lightweight Dutch oven was excited to hear that it performed well in Lab tests: Beef stew had a deep, balanced flavor, and both the meat and the veggies were tender but not mushy. It was easy to clean too. One home tester said it passed all their tests with flying colors.

These beautiful knives are made of Damascus steel, which is known for being durable and is recognizable by its patterned appearance. This award-winning set comes with six pieces, including a chef’s knife and a santoku knife, so you can choose the one you prefer to use. The utility knife stands out for having numerous uses.

LAB RESULTS: One consumer tester who doesn’t typically use larger knives said these knives felt wonderfully balanced and made it easy to cut quickly and safely. She used them on a wide variety of items including potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, meat and crusty bread.

This appliance employs heat and a heavy-duty grinding blade to dry out food scraps to make soil-enriching mulch within hours — fast compared with the months and sometimes years traditional composting can take. Plus, it reduces pesky smells.

LAB RESULTS: At-home testers agreed that it was easy to use and quiet. The bucket is removable and comes with a lid, so you can keep it on your counter or under your sink. The unit found a permanent home in two of our experts’ kitchens.

Sleek design and sturdy handles make this refrigerator an immediate standout. And it’s just as impressive once you open it, with a bright interior and numerous adjustable shelves. It’s even equipped with the brand’s QuickIcePro technology, which can make up to 40 glasses of ice per day.

LAB RESULTS: We’ve been testing this refrigerator in our Lab for more than a year. We love how easy it makes it to access all ingredients in both the fridge and the freezer.

This induction range from Miele doesn’t skimp on any design details. It has dual convection fans for more even heating and a Moisture Plus feature that allows you to cook with a burst of steam.

LAB RESULTS: We were particularly drawn to the style and configuration of the cooktop, with markings on the burners indicating the different sizes of pots and pans it can accommodate.

This nonstick waffle maker is small and lightweight. It makes Belgian waffles that are about one-inch thick. The handle folds in for storage, and it can be stored upright to save even more room.

LAB RESULTS: This waffle maker didn’t need additional grease to cook consistent colored waffles that had a nice crisp to them. It’s straightforward to use — just plug it in and check for doneness along the way.

Riedel’s Extreme Rose Wine Glasses won a Kitchen Gear Award in 2021 for their beautiful design, which accentuated the flavor of rosé. This year the brand continued to blow us away with its new Veloce collection, which is also varietal-specific; it has a more angular design and is lighter, with a thinner stem and a finer bowl.

LAB RESULTS: These wine glasses promote a delicate grip. One tester commented on how elegant they were, and others noted that they were lightweight and delicate.

The curved edges of this saucepan make it excellent for stirring sauces and scraping up every last bit. Plus, its wide diameter and shorter stature compared with typical saucepans allow foods to heat up and cook faster.

LAB RESULTS: Testers agreed that this was a high-quality pot. One called it “the best I’ve ever seen in cookware.” Another said it was “so easy to clean; food slid right off of it.”

This wireless thermometer monitors your food and the ambient temperature of your oven or grill on an easy-to-read app. It also estimates the amount of cooking time you have left based on the internal temperature.

LAB RESULTS: This thermometer is easy to set up and scored nearly perfect scores in our accuracy tests where we measured different water temperatures.

This toaster oven features eight different settings including air fry. It doesn’t spare any details, with a digital control panel that counts down as it cooks.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab Analyst noted that this was one of the better-performing toaster ovens she has tested. Bread toasted very evenly, and cake had a beautiful golden color. Chicken wings air fried nicely as well in about 30 minutes. The oven was easy to program.

This water-filtering system offers an alternative to your traditional pitcher. The compact design won’t take up a lot of room on your countertop, and the reservoir can be stored in your fridge.

LAB RESULTS: Testers liked being able to use the Pentair Rocean Reservoir to fill water glasses and bottles alike. They complimented its design as well, and one said the water tasted good. We liked the convenience of it and how it dispensed water instantaneously.

This electric pasta maker mixes all the ingredients and extrudes the pasta once ready. It’s large and sturdy and can handle heavier doughs.

LAB RESULTS: Once testers tried the unit a couple of times, they were able to understand it better and produce pasta “quickly” and “reliably.” They complimented its high-quality construction, and many enjoyed using it to make pasta with their kids.

The domed shape of this bakeware item allows dough to rise into a nicely shaped boule. It consists of two pieces, the dome and the base, and is made of the same enameled cast iron as the brands iconic Dutch oven, which is known to retain heat well.

LAB RESULTS: We were impressed with how easy beautifully golden boules baked inside this bread oven. It's easy to clean and not as big or heavy as other bread ovens on the market.

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand allows you to grow lettuce, herbs, fruit and vegetables in your backyard or inside your home, with or without grow lights. It's self-watering and self-fertilizing via hydroponic technology, and it comes in five sizes that can grow up to 36 plants at a time.

LAB RESULTS: Seedlings arrive with a three-week head start from Lettuce Grow, so they begin to flourish sooner than regular seeds. Our Lab analyst loved being able to harvest incredibly fresh lettuce in just a few weeks. Plus, the weekly maintenance is minimal.

Multiple features on this faucet, including turning it on and off and selecting hot or cold water, can be controlled with just the wave of your hand. Plus, it can follow voice commands, so you can request a specific temperature or amount of water for recipes.

LAB RESULTS: Our consumer tester said, “The motion sensor is now something I can’t live without.” They found it particularly useful for washing their hands between cooking tasks and enjoyed not getting water all over the counter in the process.

Bee’s Wrap was one of the brands to lead the way in creating an alternative for single-use plastic wrap. These wraps are made with cotton and coated with beeswax, plant oils and tree resin and can be used to store all types of food from sandwiches, leftovers in a bowl, cut vegetables and more.

LAB RESULTS: We particularly like using Bee’s Wrap to store our cheese since the material allows cheese to breathe and last longer in most cases. We find that they’re easy to clean with cold water and soap and hang dry. We use them often in both our Lab and at home.

This knife has a unique shape, which makes it ideal for chopping. It has a long, straight blade that’s wide from the tip to the base and resembles a cleaver, but the feel and familiarity of a chef’s knife. The design also makes it good for scooping ingredients into a bowl or pot.

LAB RESULTS: Testers commented on the sharpness of the blade the most, and one said it sliced through anything. Another liked its size that was “big enough, but not too big.”

This little food warmer allows you to heat up foods on the go like oatmeal, soup and stews. It’s lightweight, has a handle for traveling and a 20-ounce capacity.

LAB RESULTS: Testers enjoyed bringing this item to work where they could plug it in on their desk. One noted that it heated evenly and another said that they started eating a wider variety of foods for lunch with it. They also felt like they could eat more nutritious foods because of it.

Calphalon has topped our nonstick pan tests for years, and they just released a new version that they claim is 5 times more durable than their classic line. This fry pan set offers two sizes, 10 and 12 inches, so you can always have the right size on hand for the task you need from frying an egg to yourself to making a meal for the whole family.

LAB RESULTS: In our tests, eggs slid right off without the addition of any grease and steak browned nicely when we seared it. Both were easy to wipe clean and didn’t produce any staining.

This one-of-a-kind appliance makes cocktails with the help of pods filled with all the required ingredients except the alcohol itself. When ready to drink, simply pop in the drink pod of your choice, choose your desired strength level and the alcohol will dispense via containers you fill up and store on the unit. It even makes mocktails.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved the wide variety of drinks they were able to make without having to have multiple mixers and ingredients on hand. One tester said they especially liked the margaritas and ginger peach iced tea.

A second-time Kitchen Gear Award winner, these glass storage containers with leakproof plastic lids stand out for being versatile and long-lasting. They’re microwave- and freezer-safe, and the bases can be used in the oven at up to 450°F.

LAB RESULTS: These were top performers in our food storage container test; they didn’t leak or stain and were easy to clean. Consumer testers particularly liked the secure lids and the fact that the containers stacked.

Tried-and-true steam cooking is being reintroduced, thanks to new pans sold with steaming racks. This one stands out for its attractive design and a nonstick ceramic coating that held up to testing without getting marred or scratched during cooking and cleanup.

LAB RESULTS: Eggs released with little effort when tested without the use of grease, and skin-on salmon that was slightly oiled slid off the steamer rack. Steak browned well too.

Stasher stands out for making high-quality reusable silicone bags. Now the brand has launched this five-pack set that’s amongst their sturdiest; they stand up and nest within one another for storage. They're microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst liked how these came in handy for storing all types of foods, especially oddly shaped ones. They can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is one of our favorite features. One tester stated that it helped them reduce their single-use bag usage—that alone makes us smile.

This multitasker is an indoor grill, griddler, panini maker and waffle maker. Like other Greenpan products, it features a proprietary no-stick coating made without PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium.

LAB RESULTS: One Lab analyst made paninis that were warmed through with no soggy parts and several types of waffles that were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, including gluten-free ones that are trickier to cook.

Sometimes more is more. This cordless kitchen multi-tool comes with attachments that let you puree, whisk, open cans and wine bottles, froth milk and grind salt crystals and peppercorns.

LAB RESULTS: The can opener was our Lab analyst’s favorite — she said it worked very fast. The milk frother and the pepper mill also won praise from our testing panel. One tester bought another for their daughter to use in her college apartment.

This petite pitcher makes frothy nut milk and creamy oat milk with minimal effort. It also works as a frother and can be used to make lattes and cappuccinos.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst and testers found this small kitchen appliance easy to operate and clean. You simply add your ingredients, lock the lid on and let the little machine do all the work. In tests we found that some milks, like cashew milk, didn’t need to be strained, but others, like oat milk, benefited from using the provided sieve.

Air fryers might not be new anymore, but one with the ability to steam and slow-cook too? Consider us impressed. This does-almost-anything cooker can also cook with heat and moisture at the same time for quick meals like pasta with chicken. In addition, it can broil, proof bread, cook sous vide and more.

LAB RESULTS: “I think Ninja outdid itself with this product,” said one tester. “It’s the best.”

This pretty nonstick set comes with the essentials you need to stock your kitchen. The pots and pans nest inside one another, and the two lids can be used interchangeably so you won’t always be fumbling to find the right cover or store them.

LAB RESULTS: All testers, including our Lab analysts, liked the lids and how they fit onto the cookware. They also noted that the set was easy to clean. These got top scores in all our Lab tests, which include a heat distribution test, an egg release test, a steak-searing test and a scorching test that assesses sticking and staining.

What can’t this microwave do? It has four functions (air fry, bake, broil and microwave), a sleek modern design and a digital control panel.

LAB RESULTS: One tester said this was one of the nicest kitchen appliances they had ever interacted with, and another commented that they hadn’t realized how dated their microwave’s technology was until they tried this one.

This 11-piece set includes two universal flat lids with long handles that replace the traditional clunky lids that accompany most pots and pans. They are versatile and require less storage space than others.

LAB RESULTS: In addition to the lids, we appreciated the pieces in this set, including the 8.5-inch nonstick fry pan. The pans are durable, heat evenly and are easy to clean.

Good tongs are hard to find. This set includes three sizes for use everywhere, including indoors.

LAB RESULTS: We liked the oversize silicone grips on the handles. Plus, the tongs lock and release with no effort and are highly responsive, offering a good grip. The keyholes make it easy to store them on the side of the grill.

These beautiful BBQ tools are made of stainless steel and have walnut handles. Their length helps keep your hand protected from the heat.

LAB RESULTS: We particularly liked the fish spatula, which is great at getting under delicate and even sticky foods. The fork proved helpful when cutting, and we appreciated the ties on the end of each tool so they could be hung off the side of a grill. Testers liked the design of the tools as well and commented on their high quality.

This heavy-duty cast-iron grill comes together quickly so you can cook up foods outside. The grill grate can be removed for the easy addition of coal, and the base has a slide-out drawer that features a vent for temperature regulation and can easily be removed to empty the ash.

LAB RESULTS: Testers raved about this grill. One said that they thought it would last the rest of their life because of its quality build and was impressed with the juicy meats with beautiful grill marks that it made. Another said that it cooked evenly without drying out or burning any of the meats they made.

This 48-quart cooler is easy to transport, with strong wheels and a sturdy handle.

LAB RESULTS: A tester from Florida said it was the best cooler they had ever used and that it stood up to the heat. Another, who used it in 100°F weather, said, “The beverages stayed as cold as when we put them in from the fridge. The ice barely melted.”

This popular Kamado-style grill comes at a competitive price point and features a built-in fan to help you control the temperature in a more hands-off way. It has electronic controls and a temperature probe and connects to an app.

LAB RESULTS: Testers liked how the grill was self-sufficient and didn’t need to be regulated often the way traditional smokers do. Food cooked evenly with a nice char and it produced excellent smoked meats.

The original PK Grill and Smoker gets an upgrade, making it three inches taller and giving it a better seal, more shelf space, an access door for a temperature probe, and, our favorite: a removable fuel door for easier ash cleanup. It’s made of cast aluminum and will last for years.

LAB RESULTS: We love the rectangular cooking surface, which we found made it easier to set up our coals and create different cooking areas. One tester said the multiple vents made regulating the temperature easier.

This pizza oven from Ooni was also a 2021 Kitchen Gear Award winner. We still love how easy it is to make pizza with either wood or gas. Now you can buy an alternative door for it that allows you to make consecutive pizzas without opening and closing the door as you need to with the included door.

LAB RESULTS: Lab analysts and testers alike liked the large door with an oversized handle on the back of the oven that made it easy to refill the oven with wood. Plus, the wood is protected in a basket to help prevent the pizza from making contact with the fire and getting over-charred.

This design-forward grill uses briqs, made from hardwood charcoal, to cook. They’re designed for one-time use and come in different types that allow you to cook at different temps and for different amounts of time. For example, you can try the Quick briq, which lasts about 30 to 45 minutes at 450º to 600ºF, or the Low and Slow one, which allows for about six to eight hours of cooking at about 300ºF.

LAB RESULTS: This grill is unique, since it functions as a grill and a smoker and uses untraditional fuel. It plugs in and has digital controls so you can work with controlled temperatures better. It also connects to an app. Testers said it was easy to use once it was set up, especially compared with a charcoal grill.

This outdoor pizza oven can connect to gas or be wood-fired to make restaurant-style pizzas and more.

LAB RESULTS: Our wood-fired pizzas cooked quickly. As with most pizza ovens, there’s a learning curve for mastering pizza making, but pros will love how much they can customize the process. The built-in wood storage is a unique feature.

This outdoor bar cart doubles as a wine fridge and can hold up to 39 wine bottles. It has a section for ice and a shelf for storing extra ingredients, and it includes a cutting board.

LAB RESULTS: This unit comes almost entirely assembled, which was music to our ears. When tested on a hot summer day, it was able to cool to about 40ºF in under an hour. It is sturdy and can be moved around easily.

This cold brew coffee maker is effortless. It makes up to 32 oz of coffee concentrate, enough for about 14 iced or hot drinks. The carafe has 2-oz markings on it for easy dispensing and a lid for storing in the fridge.

LAB RESULTS: One tester was pleasantly surprised: “It’s something I never would have tried on my own, but now my family and I can’t seem to live without it.”

Frothed milk elevates the coffee-drinking experience, and this frother does the job with the press of a button. It can make hot and cold foam for cappuccinos and lattes as well as hot chocolate with real chocolate. The container can be stored in the fridge.

LAB RESULTS: Both whole milk and oat milk doubled in volume when frothed using the hot setting. Our Lab analyst described the foam as very fluffy, like a pillow. The unit was also easy to clean.

Ember, a brand best known for its headed mugs, just released a specialized 6-oz size perfect for espressos, cappuccinos, flat whites and more.

LAB RESULTS: We liked using this cup with espresso for a hotter beverage than some machines deliver. One tester said, "It heats the coffee quickly without burning it."

Gooseneck kettles like this one allow you to better control the stream when adding water to pour-over coffee makers. This model lets you digitally program the water temperature to the exact degree you want it and keeps track of the live temp and the target temp as it heats. It has a timer so you can monitor the brew time as well as a long, comfortable handle with a silicone grip that sets it apart from others we tested.

LAB RESULTS: We liked the safety features on this kettle such as the red light indicating when it’s on as well as vents on the side rather than on the lid, which helps prevent contact with steam.

Traditional single-serve coffee makers are known for just brewing capsules, but this one allows you to brew with whole beans as well— just grind the beans into the reusable capsule and then brew. Plus, you can see how many are left in the container so you’re never unprepared for that important cup.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst said this unit was intuitive to use without having to read the user guide. The coffee it brewed had a nice, medium body compared to ones that we found made coffee that tasted weaker. Cleanup was easy as well.

Iced-coffee fans will love this machine, which can brew iced or hot coffee directly into an included to-go cup. It also has a built-in milk frother to make either cold or hot foam.

LAB RESULTS: Testers liked how easy it was to use this machine, especially when they were in a rush to get out the door. One tester said they couldn’t wait to use it with friends and family.

This 12-cup coffee maker lights up as it heats, and the digital control panel swivels to accommodate right- and left-handed users as well as different counter setups.

LAB RESULTS: The design of this machine caught the eye of our expert and home testers. All agreed that it delivered a good, smooth cup of coffee on both the regular and the bold setting.

This compact grinder is sleek-looking and easy to use, with a large knob and 31 notched settings so you can adjust for the perfect grind to use in various coffee makers (excluding espresso). Suggested grind sizes are conveniently listed on the lid.

LAB RESULTS: Users liked the design of this grinder and were pleased with the different settings. The included brush is helpful for dusting off excess grounds.

Breville has made it even more straightforward for beginner and professional espresso makers to prepare a delicious shot with the introduction of its tamping technology: It detects if you’ve ground too many or too few beans, which can affect the quality of your brew.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst couldn’t believe how easy it was to make an espresso and especially liked how neatly it ground the beans.

Brew an assortment of coffee types right from the machine or connect to the Spinn app for more options you can also customize. This upscale coffee maker stores beans and grinds them.

LAB RESULTS: One tester said this machine made the best coffee they’d ever had, even compared with other premium coffee machines. Another tester appreciated the convenience but noted that this was a splurge.

Paper coffee filters are known to the improve the taste of your coffee compared to reusable coffee filters because they help trap excess oils for an even cleaner, smoother cup. These are made with 40% bamboo, are compostable and designed to fit cone-shaped filter holders.

LAB RESULTS: Testers said these filters helped them make a great cup of coffee. One said: “The filter completely changed the taste of some of the worst coffee I’ve had.”

These fun cups offer coffee recipes on the sides so you can make cappuccinos, lattes and an assortment of other drinks without having to pull out your phone or cookbook. They’re clear and double walled to help retain the temperature and deliver the best tasting method. They make an excellent gift for coffee lovers.

LAB RESULTS: The measurements on these cups are easy to read and testers enjoyed drinking out of them. Plus, they’re easy to clean.

This stainless steel, double-walled tumbler has a plastic lid that attaches to the base by simply pushing it on, and the mouthpiece is indented for a comfortable sip. It comes in three sizes perfect for your espresso, coffee or large to-go needs.

LAB RESULTS: We particularly appreciated the single piece lid that didn't have any crevices for milk or water from cleaning to get stuck in over time, which could lead to a bad taste. The spout doesn’t seal but we liked how it allowed our drinks to cool slightly (more slowly than they would in a typical cup) for an enjoyable drinking experience.

We love glass kettles that we can see inside. They help us keep track of the progress, and this one has a pretty light around its base that illuminates when heating, too. It has five temperature settings, including 110, 160, 175, 195 and boil for different needs like proofing yeast and brewing various teas.

LAB RESULTS: This kettle came to temp quickly in our test. One of our favorite parts of this kettle is being able to fill it without removing the lid. All you have to do is run it under the faucet to release the flap. Testers liked the design, too.

This stainless steel French press has a large, 48-ounce capacity and an insulated design to help keep your coffee hot for hours. It comes in five colors, and is dishwasher safe–one of our favorite features for a deep clean.

LAB RESULTS: Testers particularly appreciated how this French press kept coffee hot. One said, “It’s great to have a French press that actually keeps the coffee hot!” – a painpoint of French presses, and another said they liked being able to pour a cup and come back to a hot cup hours later.

This single-serve coffee maker uses ground coffee beans to brew. It has a 40-ounce water reservoir (for fewer refills) and can brew up to 14 ounces at a time on the regular or bold settings. It has a shelf for shorter cups to help prevent splattering.

LAB RESULTS: Testers liked how quickly and conveniently they were able to make coffee for themselves, and our Lab analyst confirmed it was easy to use. Many commented on the appealing price point and said they’d continue to use it and recommend to family and friends.

This little coffee maker is unlike any we’ve seen – it makes Turkish coffee without having to use your stove. Simply combine your coffee, sugar and water in the container to make up to three cups.

LAB RESULTS: Our Lab analyst said that the coffee came out hot, but not burnt with a pleasant taste. A fellow taster said that it was well rounded, smooth and not scorched. It also had a layer of crema, which contributed to its smoothness.

This Keurig takes brewing K-cups to the next level with the introduction of their new technology that scans a barcode on the K-cup and recommends how to brew it–the recommendation is merely a suggestion, however, and you can still brew it the way you like by choosing from five different sizes (four, six, eight, 10 and 12 ounces) and six different temperature settings.

LAB RESULTS: We were impressed with the full-bodied coffee this Keurig delivered when using the recommended brew settings. Plus, the hot coffee settings were extra hot and delicious.

This built-in coffee maker takes coffee making to the next level. It can use a water reservoir or be connected to your plumbing so you don’t need to worry about filling it up, and has a one-pound hopper for coffee beans. It makes all sorts of espresso drinks, as well as milk-based ones and American coffee.

LAB RESULTS: We appreciated being able to customize our coffees to our desired strength and temperature. The machine made some of the frothiest and creamy milk we ever tasted — which made the macchiato irresistible.

This espresso machine can brew espresso grounds as well as pre-filled packets from the brand. It’s design-forward and sturdy with a simple interface.

LAB RESULTS: Our tester said that it was extremely easy to insert the porta-filter on this unit and secure it, especially compared to some others we tested. It made espresso with a nice crema and the frother was one of the few that produced a thick enough foam for cappuccinos.

This mushroom-infused coffee is believed to support mental focus and cognitive function thanks to the Lion’s Mane variety that is used. It’s a good-tasting coffee with very little mushroom taste, making it a good entry point for people who want to experiment with mushroom coffee.

LAB RESULTS: Testers liked the traditional coffee flavor. Several described the taste as smooth, and one said it had a warmth to it.

These cans are new from Lavazza, the Italian brand that has been making espresso for more than 125 years. They were inspired by some of Italy’s most famous locales, including Venice, Capri, Tuscany and Milan.

LAB RESULTS: When assessing these single-serve organic coffees, our experts noted the smooth finish. They vary in strength and sweetness so coffee fans can choose their favorite option.

These tea-like coffee bags make it easy to prepare a quality cup on the go. The organic French roast shown here is “roasty” and has notes of caramel, says coffee expert Teoh.

LAB RESULTS: “It’s a concept that works,” says Teoh. Testers liked the convenience of it and that the bags were compostable. They also liked that they could control the strength of the coffee by adjusting the steeping time.

This nondairy creamer is smooth and has a subtle marshmallow taste. It’s sweet but not overwhelmingly so.

LAB RESULTS: “A little goes a long way,” said one tester. We enjoyed adding it to iced espressos to make a latte-type drink. It made for the perfect afternoon treat.

The Atlas Coffee Club team sources rare coffee from all over the world with a focus on paying farmers fairly. It’s subscription-based, and the beans can be delivered whole or ground for your type of coffee maker.

LAB RESULTS: All 10 testers scored the coffee from Atlas highly. They agreed that it was fresh and flavorful. Many thought a subscription would make a great gift or be worth sharing with guests.

This milk alternative is made from sesame seeds. It’s thicker and creamier than most nut milks, with a slightly sweet sesame taste.

LAB RESULTS: Of all the creamers submitted, this one scored highest among home testers, who liked its smoothness. One said it was a light addition that complemented coffee without overpowering it. It also froths well, making it perfect for cappuccinos.

Starbucks makes it even simpler to enjoy its coffee at home with these capsules, designed to be used in Nespresso Vertuo machines. They’re available in seven of the brand’s top blends and roasts.

LAB RESULTS: Testers described the Pike Place capsules as rich, robust and satisfying. Like other Nespresso capsules, they deliver a thick and rich crema and are straightforward to use.

Cometeer coffee allows coffee aficionados to enjoy a cup from highly regarded roasters, hot or cold with ice, by boiling water and melting down the frozen puck stored in an aluminum capsule.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved the variety of choices. They also commented on the versatility of the capsules, which they could use for hot or iced coffee as desired. Decaf drinkers were excited to find themselves satisfied with the full-bodied taste.

This box allows you to sip 16 coffees from across the globe. It’s a great intro to this coffee company’s subscription service that can be customized to deliver you whole beans or ground coffee based on your coffee preferences weekly, biweekly or monthly.LAB RESULTS: Testers enjoyed trying all the options and appreciated the information on each label that described the coffee’s origin as well as its tasting notes.

Though we can’t quite confirm that Death Wish makes “the world’s strongest coffee.” the variety we sampled stood out for being balanced and full-bodied. This blend is made with the company’s homemade chai and offers prominent notes of cinnamon and cardamom.

LAB RESULTS: Our coffee pro confirmed that this coffee tasted spiced and like cinnamon. She said the flavor was pleasant and noted that people who like flavored coffee would likely enjoy this, especially in the fall.

Nicole (she/her) is the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute's Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, where she has overseen content and testing related to kitchen and cooking appliances, tools and gear since 2019. She’s an experienced product tester and recipe creator, trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition. She has worked in test kitchens for small kitchen appliance brands and national magazines, including Family Circle and Ladies’ Home Journal.

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