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Jun 10, 2023

Summer Camping Kit List 2023

PLANNING a summer camping trip? Rosie Morton, Morag Bootland and Richard Bath have you covered with their ultimate camping kit list. So, whether you’re heading for a watersports adventure or for a

PLANNING a summer camping trip? Rosie Morton, Morag Bootland and Richard Bath have you covered with their ultimate camping kit list. So, whether you’re heading for a watersports adventure or for a long walk in the wilderness, Scottish Field’s Summer Camping Gift Guide is sure to make your trip truly unforgettable.

Zone3 Recycled Heat-Tech Changing Robe, RRP £149,

This heat-tech changing robe has been a total game changer and is an absolute essential in my book. Its gorgeously soft thermal lining is made from 100% recycled materials and feels like a warm teddy-bear hug. It has excellent water resistance and wind protection, as well as a two-way YKK zipper that makes it really easy to slip on and off at speed. It also has a fully fitted hood and popper system to avoid heat loss. The sizes are generous, but this allows plenty of space for getting changed under the robe. Not a water baby? This piece of kit needn’t be used exclusively for watersports. It has also been incredibly useful for extra warmth by the campfire, or even for throwing into the car in case of emergency breakdowns. My other half is constantly looking to steal this, but he will have to peel it off my back first.

Vango Soft Cooler Medium – 17L, RRP £110,

If you’re anything like me, your camping trips will be planned around your meals, so a reliable cooler is of the utmost importance. If you’re not needing a hard-sided cooler with wheels this is the ultimate option for travelling with. The internal material is antibacterial, meaning that your precious homemade goodies are kept safe inside. Throw it over your shoulder or bundle it into the car with ease, thanks to the padded shoulder strap. What’s more, if you’re travelling with a particularly thirsty/hungry bunch, its 17-litre capacity (L43 x H39 x W20cm) means that it can hold up to 24 cans. The zip is waterproof and leakproof, and although it is a little tough to open and close initially, Vango provide a lubricant that helps ease the zip in no time at all. The soft-sided cooler keeps food and drinks cool for up to 48 hours or frozen for 24 hours. Perfect for hurling into the back of a busy car.

Florrie & Bird Sling Bag, RRP £32.50 small and £40 large,

Whether you are camping at a festival or on a campsite, it is imperative to keep your valuables secure and close at hand and easily accessible. If you can do this in a stylish manner, then all power to you. Enter Florrie and Bird’s handy and trendy sling bag. Shaped like a bum bag it can be worn around the waist or across the body and is made from fine Italian leather. The bags come in lots of different colours with a range of different straps available to buy, so you can change up your look as often as you like. The smaller bag has space for a small purse, sunglasses, phone and keys and the larger allows for a few more essentials.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+, RRP £39.95,

Keeping track of your keys, bags or precious items can sometimes be an uphill struggle on a busy camping trip. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is an easy-to-use gadget that helps you find any misplaced item through ‘AR Finding’ technology. Attach it to anything you want to monitor – your keys, your bag, your four-legged friend – and follow the step-by-step process on your smartphone to locate your lost item. A green light glows when you are near your destination. It weighs next to nothing (13g) so isn’t too cumbersome, and its design and colour is really discrete. Its battery can also be easily replaced by snapping open the SmartTag. The only downside? It’s only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices running Android OS 8.0 or higher.

Robens Boulder 3 Tent, RRP £229.99,

With an impressive hydrostatic head of 3000mm, this tent is perfect for summer adventures in Scotland. Because, let’s face it, it’s probably going to rain at some point. I love this tent for hiking and wild camping, mainly because it is light (just 2.9kg) and it sleeps two plus a dog comfortably with porch space for wet boots. But it is also a boon if you’re planning any summer festival camping. The trek to the campsite will be a breeze and the unusual orange colour will help you locate your tent even after a few beers. It’s easy and quick to erect and has withstood some seriously windy conditions without ever feeling as if it was likely to struggle. Although the ridge poles were tight to fit at first they have become easier to manage after erecting the tent a couple of times.

Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Belt Pack, RRP £32.99,

If you’re hoping to delve into watersports on your camping trip, you’ll want one of these. This has been so useful for rowing and kayaking trips, and is incredibly easy to use. It is big enough to fit smartphones, cards, wallets, keys and passports and is 100% waterproof. (And I mean, 100%!) Still, if like me you want to do a test before taking your electronics out on open water, plunge it into your kitchen sink with a piece of paper or a set of keys inside. Thanks to the Slide Seal System on this pouch, it will come out completely dry. All OverBoard products are dunk tested and dirt tested, meaning that they will stand up against water, sand, dust and grit. The waterproof belt is guaranteed submersible to 6m/19ft and will float. There is also a removable waist strap so that you can keep your hands free at all times. (I actually find the strap more useful as a clip to hook onto the inside of a boat, in case I capsize). Paying £32.99 to protect an expensive phone/camera is money well spent as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t be without this on watersports outings!

Keela Insect Shield Blanket, RRP £49.95,

On our most recent trip to the Cairngorms, one of our party found a tick on their leg after a picnic in the hills. It was swiftly dealt with thanks to a pair of trusty tweasers, but prevention is always better than cure! I was a little scepticle about this insect shield blanket which promises to be effective in repelling pesky (and potentially dangerous) insects like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies and midges, but it does seem to keep them at bay. The 56” x 74” blanket is treated with an active ingredient called permethrin which is tightly bonded to the fabric fibres so that it remains effective for around 25 washes. It is incredibly lightweight and can be worn around the shoulders or used as a picnic blanket. It might not be as comfortable as a standard picnic blanket, but we use it as a layer on top of a thicker throw.

Ploov Heated Cushion (45×60cm Velvet), RRP £109.95,

Stoov make a range of infrared heating products, from cushions, to chair pads and electric bottles (think a hot water bottle without the water). This lovely big hug of a cushion is finished in luxurious velvet to elevate your next camping trip to something really rather special. You plug in the cushion and the battery charges up, you can then take it off on your adventures and as the night-time chills creep in you can choose from three heat settings to keep you warm. Ploov pillows are available in a range of shapes and sizes and in lots of different colours and fabrics, so that you can co-ordinate them with your décor inside or in the garden.

Keen Newport Sandals, RRP around £100,

This may be a sandal, but it’s definitely the perfect piece of summer kit for adventurous soles. The Newport is perfect for clambering over rocks at the beach, day hikes, paddle boarding and general warm weather wanderings. It has a quick dry webbed upper and lining, EVA insoles with arch support, a rugged sole and a front bumper with lots of protection over the toes and adjustable bungee cord closure. Available for men, women and children in as many as 19 different colours there’s no doubt that this sandal is popular across the board. In fact, this year marks the Newport’s 20th anniversary. For camping it is ideal as it is easy to take on and off and for anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of sharing a tent with a pair of smelly shoes fear not, because these are equipped with Keen’s all natural eco anti-odour treatment.

MoGo 2 Pro Portable Projector by XGIMI, RRP £529,

Taking a portable projector along on your next camping trip is sure to impress the children. Gone are the days of the whole family huddling around a tablet to watch a film on a wet and stormy night. Now, you can create your own in-tent cinema and relax in luxury with impressive sound from two built in 8W Dolby speakers and a bright 400 ISO lumens display. The MoGo 2 Pro is compact enough to fit easily into your kit. It has built in Chromecast so that you can cast your favourite content directly from your phone, tablet or laptop and with Google Play Store built in you can access apps like Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix. I loved the fact that this projector is clever enough to detect the screen size and adjust its display seamlessly, it can also autofocus accurately and quickly. We’ve used this projector in our tent, in the garden and in the home. It is a really versatile and impressively fun piece of tech.

Outwell Collaps Kettle, RRP £39.99,

My old camping kettle was a right royal nuisance. In order to pack it away you had to remove the handle, and with nowhere to store it, it inevitably got separated from the body meaning unacceptable delays when making the first (and always badly needed) cuppa on site. But this practical silicone and stainless steel folding kettle pops up and down in seconds and is always in one piece. The Collaps can hold 1.5 litres of water, but folds down to just 4.5 x 15.5cm making it perfect for family camping trips and saving vital space in your camping kit.

Cloudtrax hiking shoes, RRP £180,

When you open up the Cloudtrax Waterproof hiking boots box, you just know that they have been made with high-tech materials. They weigh in at just 357g, are waterproof and have a dual density midsole (featuring a hard top layer for good traction, and a softer layer below for comfort). On is not a brand I have previous experience of, but their products are in fact made for athletes and are powered by Swiss engineering. The laces are the best part – the one-pull lacing system means you can kiss goodbye to fiddly lace-ups. (This is especially helpful when clambering in and out of tents!) You may need to break these in before embarking on a long expedition. Mine loosened up after half a dozen wears. There’s definitely still a place for stout walking boots in your wardrobe, but for the shorter day trips these are an excellent option. I’m usually a women’s size 8, but would recommend a half size up if you’re wanting to wear thicker socks.

Gandys Waxed Cotton Backpack, RRP £89.99,

Once you’ve set up camp, you’re going to need a bag to see you through your daily adventures. This Waxed Cotton Backpack by Gandys is made from organic teal cotton with a water-resistant wax coating (just like a trusty Barbour jacket!) I love the details on this bag, especially the magnetic brass buckles which make it easy to access the main compartment. It’s incredibly comfortable to carry thanks to the padded shoulders and has lots of secret pockets to keep your valuables safe. If you’re not needing a proper hiking bag that’s the size of a small house, this 1.05kg bag is perfect for stowing away a few layers, a water bottle and a lunchbox. It’s now my go-to for three/four-hour walks. If you haven’t heard of Gandys International before, it’s a brand that not only provides excellent outdoor equipment and apparel, it also donates to projects across the world that help educate underprivileged children.

Bluefin Cruise Lite SUP, RRP £549 for 10’ or £649 for 11’4”,

A stand-up paddleboard is a surefire way of keeping the family entertained for hours on end (big kids included). However, many brands sell pretty cumbersome boards and transporting them can be more hassle than its worth. Bluefin, an award-winning company which comes highly recommended for its consumer-friendly boards, have recently launched a Cruise Lite SUP which is 35% lighter than the company’s predecessor (the Bluefin Cruise). It weighs in at 9.5kg, is easy to carry, and rolls up easily into a storage bag.

The Cruise Lite SUP is sold as a complete package, so included in the cost is a pump, carbon fibre paddle, fin, ankle leash, repair kit, waterproof phone case and storage bag. (Just remember to pack your bouyancy aids!) The deckpad is UV resistant, has excellent traction, and is really solid to stand on… Provided you can find your balance! It’s an investment piece, but once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder why on earth you’ve not done it sooner.

Fine Bedding Co. Outdoor Duvet, RRP £70,

This beautifully soft, sherpa fleece-lined outdoor duvet is almost too lovely to take outside. But with a stain and water-resistant Teflon EcoElite outer it’s still in great condition after evenings in the garden around the fire pit and several camping trips where it not only added an extra layer of comfort over sleeping bags, but also kept us company by the campfire. The duvet has a 9 tog rating so it also works really well on warmer evenings when a sleeping bag might just be too cosy. As if that’s not enough reason to own one, the filling is made from 100% Smartfil Polyester from Recycled PET bottles.

Vionic Mayla Slide Sandal, RRP £110

If you’re a stickler for a tidy tent then you’ll know the importance of taking off your shoes in the porch to avoid trailing, sand, grass and mud inside. As you may need to do this several hundred times a day it is essential to have footwear that is easy to get on and off. Slides fit the bill of course, buy Vionic shoes also provide excellent arch support, stability and cushioning. For anyone who suffers from sore feet after too long in flip flops or dead flat sandals I’d wholeheartedly recommend you give these a try. Recommended to me by a podiatrist, who described them as the ‘gold standard’ I swear by these stylish slides. The modern puffer design means my teenage daughter wants to wear them, but she’s out of luck because they’re almost always on my feet these days.

Moon Chair by Ticket to the Moon, RRP £89.95

This is the traditional hammock’s fun and funky cousin. The moon chair requires only one anchor point, so if trees are in short supply you’ll still be able to chill out on your next camping trip. Made from reinforced parachute silk nylon fabric it has an adjustable backrest and removable footrest to ensure a bespoke lounging position. The moon chair is incredibly compact and light and packs down into a handy carry bag with a strap. It is ethically made in Bali from breathable hypo allergenic fabric which is mould and mildew resistant. It’s easy to rig up and the children loved swinging around in the moon chair so much that the grown ups barely got a look in.

Vango Volt head torch, RRP £22,

The main asset of this compact and versatile headtorch is that it produces up to 100 lumens, which is at the top end of the headtorches on the market and results in a particularly white light. Vango says that it “does this by utilising a collimator lens to provide long distance light projection whilst maintaining soft peripheral light” and that fits with my experience. This was comfortable and easy to use and, helpfully, comes with extra mounts that allow you to attach it to clothing if required. Handily, it also comes with batteries.

Keela Bidean shorts, RRP £49.95,

Thanks to their stretchiness, which provides enormous comfort while allowing me to stride onwards or upwards without feeling constrained, these are my go-to walking shorts. They’ve lasted well and are not only water repellent but quick drying, so they are ideal for those days when the heavens open unexpectedly. I don’t tend to use the two zipped thigh pockets, which is a personal preference, but there are also two hip pockets and a zipped back pocket, so plenty of space for cash, keys and wallets etc.

Green People For Men No.4 Sports+ SPF30 sun cream (50ml), RRP £28,

This natural and organic facial sun cream has been specifically designed for running, cycling, cricket, water sports and hiking, so it’s perfect for long summer walks. We found that it absorbed into the skin very easily and didn’t leave any greasy or white residue. It is also water-repellent, so gave us protection while we went wild water swimming (the blurb says it “protects against 97% UVB rays … from non-nano SPF30 zinc oxide” during all sports and outdoor activities). The fact that over 60% of the cream is aloe vera helps skin hydration, while the peppermint and eucalyptus certainly makes you smell nice. The packaging is all recyclable and its ingredients are 82% organic.

Green People Moisturising after sun with natural insect repellent (100ml), RRP £16,

Once you’ve braved the sun, this is the perfect follow-up. It gives four-hour protection from the most voracious biting bugs (ticks and midges at home, mosquitoes and sand flies if abroad). Green People’s schtick is that they are environmentally friendly, so there’s no DEET or harmful chemicals, with chamomile and aloe vera doing the heavy lifting while the peppermint gives a lovely smell. Even pregnant women and children over six months can use it. The packaging is made from recyclable sugar cane plastic and the ingredients are 85% certified organic.

Marshall Minor III headphones, RRP £119.99,

Whether it’s in your tent at night or on the go, sometimes you want the option of listening to music, podcasts or the radio. These headphones provide genuinely fantastic sound quality, no wires, and 25 hours of wireless playtime on Bluetooth 5.2 so that they connect easily with your phone or device. They come with mirrored touch-sensitive earbuds, so you can easily control your music and phone calls, while removing and inserting an earbud initiates the auto-pause and auto-play feature, which ensures you won’t miss a single beat. The earbuds hold five hours of charge and the robust portable case another 20 hours.

Vango Two-litre hydrant pack, RRP £22,

If you have a backpack that can take a hydration unit, have a backpack which needs a new hydration pack, or simply don’t want to take a whole backpack, this Duke of Edinburgh-recommended bit of kit is what you need. The secure locking closure removes the scope for leaks, while it’s made of extremely durable BPA-free TPU material so should last for years. With this summer’s record temperatures, it’s never been more important to be hydrated and this ensures you’ll have two litres of water while out walking.

Keela Coorie Blanket Highland Coo, RRP £64.95,

This is too heavy to stick in your backpack, but if you’re driving to set up camp, going for a picnic, simply siting on the beach or indulging in a spot of wild swimming, this could be the bit of kit you need. It’s fully waterproof, with the fluffy interior side designed to be nice to sit on or to warm you as you come out of the sea. It wraps nicely around your shoulders, and can be snapped together so that it is turned into a cosy poncho-style cocoon. It also folds into itself to carry, and has a hideaway zip pocket to keep your valuables in one place. Its finished size is 206cm x 150cm, and thanks to the studs if you buy two you can snap them together.

Vango Apex Hydro 10 Backpack, RRP £42,

If you have a backpack that can take a hydration unit, have a backpack which needs a new hydration pack, or simply don’t want to take a whole backpack, this Duke of Edinburgh-recommended bit of kit is what you need. The secure locking closure removes the scope for leaks, while it’s made of extremely durable BPA-free TPU material so should last for years. With this summer’s record temperatures, it’s never been more important to be hydrated and this ensures you’ll have two litres of water while out walking.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station, RRP £1,499 (currently with 25% off),

If you’ve ever gone camping with children you’ll know how hard it is for them to switch off from their tech. Heck, it’s not that easy for some of us adults either. Step forward this saviour of sanity for anyone camping away from a power supply. This Jackery portable power station can be charged up before you head off from the mains in just two hours, but even better, with the addition of Jackery’s SolarSaga 200W Solar panels (currently £440.30) it can be topped up while you are off grid. With six panels the unit will charge in 2.5 hours. Providing plenty of mobile phone charges you can also run a coffee machine for around 3 hours (that’s a lot of coffee) and it is perfect to run your electric coolbox and portable speaker. And with multiple inputs you can do all of this at the same time. It’s also an incredibly handy thing to have at home during power cuts, or for use with power tools, or in far flung areas of the garden. Weighing in at 19.5kg without the extra weight of the solar panels it is not light, but for anyone camping within easy reach of a vehicle it is a real godsend.

Smartwool All-Season Merino Baser Layer, £89.99,

Unless your camping trip is taking you to warmer climes you are likely to feel the evening chill and adding layers is the best way to keep cosy as the evening progresses. This smartwool merino base layer is light as a feather, soft and so breathable that you can snuggle up in your sleeping bag wearing it safe in the knowledge that you won’t wake up a sweaty mess when the sun comes up. It is slim fit, making it easy to add layers over the top and has plenty of stretch to keep you moving through the day. With the zip detail at the neck if you get lucky and the weather is warm enough that you can wear it on its own you won’t look like you’ve gone out and about in your underwear.

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